This website is a reincarnation of my former domain Trapped Spirit - My Insane Mortality. That was my former graphic/personal site from the years of 2003-2005. After an extremely long break I have come back with the same (now retro) design and concept! Here you can find many interactive stuff for you such as winning an award for your website, Cyberstamps, claiming a character, guessing the current character, and more! I have also created the SITE-ID TCG that is open to anyone with a site to join! There are some retro graphics that I had made in 2004 available as well as 2020 ones! If you get really bored I do have some of my collections/personal pages that you can wander through! I hope you enjoy your stay at Nightmare Fantasmic!

Hi everyone xx So I went on an unexpected hiatus since April of 2021. Life got pretty chaotic but I'm slowly getting back into the groove of neocities. I did check my emails periodically and did see that there are some SITE ID's, claims and awards applications that have been requested since I have been gone. I promise I will be getting to those either today or sometime later this week. I do have quite a bit of stuff that I need to add and clean up so I will be getting to that as well.
Thank you all for all of your patience.

Listed updates:

Hiatus lifted
New Layout
Site of The Month Applicants Needed

Okay I believe that's it for now~! More coming very soon~!

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