Do you think your site has got what it takes to be Site Of The Month!?
Then read the rules and apply!

The way it works:
After I receive five applicants a poll will be put up for one week to allow the competitors time to accumulate votes in order to win.
The winner will receive space on my main page for their button that will link back to their website!
In addition the winner will receive this personalized award:

1. You must have a website to join.
2. Your website must be family friendly.
3. No storefronts or merchant sites allowed.
4. You must fill out the form below.
5. Have fun!

Alright now if you are still interested please email me the information at the address below!
Afterwards I will get back to you shortly!

Good luck and have fun!

Now then! When you are ready email me the info below:

1. Your Name
2. Your Email
3. Web URL
4. Website Name
5. Description of Site

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November 2020 Applicants

1. Waiting for You!
2. Waiting for You!
3. Waiting for You!
4. Waiting for You!

Contestants you may save and upload this banner if you like to have people directed to here to vote for you!
You can either direct people to the main site at or directly to this page at:


May 2020 Applicants
Applicant Award Pick-Up

1. Robed in Gold
3. - Winner
4. LukOvrUrShldr

February 2020 Applicants
Applicant Award Pick-Up

1. Tainted Wingz
2. Melodicake v2 - Winner
3. Reagnyan
5. Robed in Gold

January 2020 Applicants
Applicant Award Pick-Up

1. Anime Papers
2. Tainted Wingz
3. Hawaii1999's Webpage - Winner
4. Madville
5. Psyche64