Welcome to the official SITE-ID TCG!

I have created a new TCG for the WWW this time a SITE-ID edition!
The way it works is I will have a current edition of the cards available for creation that will change as time progresses!
This means you will gain more editions of your cards over time.
Once your card has been been created you will be able to trade it with other cardholders in order to build your decks, friendships, and bring together the community!
To have your own SITE-ID card printed and available for distribution please email me the information below and I will have it delivered to you in a timely manner!

Now then! When you are ready email me the info below:

1. Your Name
2. Your Email
3. Web URL
4. Website Name
5. Site Category
6. Rarity - Common/Rare/Super Rare/Ultra Rare
7. URL/Attachment of picture for ID

Email Me

Out of Print on 02/29/2020

Printing on 03/01/2020

Scerika's Deck Volume 2

Scerika's Deck Volume 1