Welcome to my Color Bar Page!
If you're as old as me you probably remember posting these up in you LJ profiles to show your support!
Lucky for me a lot of mine actually were archived!
Even the Jareth one that I had made! Feel free to snag it!
This is archived source captured in November of 2004 from my Trapped Spirit site!

ColorBars I Made

Jareth is Goblin King Love!

ColorBars I Support

Yuugiou is love

Bakura is cute, cuddly love

Bakura is cute, cuddly love

The Dancing Nanner Rocks!

Bunchies Are Love!

Dancing Pickles are Love!

Leprechauns are sneaky Irish Love

AD&D; Player Races is Diversity Love

Brad Pitt is love freaking sexy!

Troy is ancient love

Dark elves are evil perfection

Drizzt Do'Urden is love

Kurt Cobain is Love

LiveJournal Cuts are love

The Amazon Trio are Skirt Chasing Love

guitars are electric love

Toesocks are love for your feet

Halloween is Spooky Love. Happy Halloween!

The Bohemian Revolution is Love

Rob Zombie is Dragula Love.

Care Bears are cute Love

Hobbitlings are love!

Freddy is nightmare love.

The original Guns N' Roses is love

Pirates are Love.

Converse are Colorful Love

Coffee is life Love.

This is a safezone Safezones are places where you cannot discriminate against a persons race, disabilty, sex, or sexual preferance. Such places are this website.

Banned Books are love.

Nightwish Is Love

80s rock is love.

Faramir is Ranger Love

Viggo is crazy Love

Merry is Love

Billy Boyd is Love