Is there a certain fictional character that means the world to you?
Would you like to take it a step futher with a Claimed Certificate proclaiming this?
Well then, you have clicked onto the right page!
This used to be a fun clique that people would do in order to show their appreciation for a character, and I'm here to help revive it!
Remember it's all just fun!

Claim Graphic- Version 2

The color scheme of your claim tag will be referenced off of the image you provide.


Please read the rules below to claim your character!

1. Have a website/email!
2. Please sign my guestbook!
3. Make sure and link it back if posted!
4. You can claim up to two characters.
5. If you are an affiliate/mutual you may claim more.

Now then! When you are ready email me the info below:

1. Your Name
2. Your Email
3. Web URL
4. Character's Name
5. Character's Series

Email Me

The Claimed - Version 2

Pim Claimed Aigami & Seto Kaiba - Yugioh

Carla Claimed Dark Mousy - DN Angel

Carla Claimed Aya Fujimiya - Weiss Kreuz

The Claimed - Version 1

Scerika Claimed SSB Vegeta - Dragonball Super

Shannon Claimed Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Dan Claimed Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta - DBS

Reagan Claimed Dice Arisugawa - Hypnosis Mic

Salya Claimed Saga - Saint Seiya

Dartzia Claimed Yami Bakura - Yugioh